Registration FAQs

1) When is registration?

Registration for Fall 2017 is Saturday July 1 through mid-August 2017.

2) Who is eligible?

Girls born between 1/1/2001 - 12/31/2012

3) How do I register?

Go the website and click on the Register Now! tab on the homepage.   Payment by credit card or debit card is the only option for online registration.

4) When is the season?

Practices begin late August 2017. Games start September 2nd and end by November 1, 2017.

5) What are the fees?

If you register by mid-August 2017, fee is $105 for Coppell/CISD residents & $125 for all others. After that a late fee of $25 is added and fees are $130 for Coppell/CISD residents & $150 for all others. Payment by credit card or debit card is the only option for online registration. Fees include uniform jersey.

6) What is the DFW MidCities Interlock?

CGSA teams in the 10U and older age divisions will participate in the DFW MidCities Interlock league. The Interlock teams will play teams from neighboring associations in Flower Mound, Grapevine, Southlake and Haslet. Roughly half of the games will be played in Coppell and the other half will be played in partner cities. If we do not have enough players to keep 6U and 8U within Coppell, those age divisions may participate in the Interlock league.

7) What is age cut-off for each division?

The CGSA uses calendar year cut-off for determining play divisions to align with the Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA), Coppell Lightning All-Star teams, and other nearby softball associations.

Birth Year

Age Division

2010 - 2012

5U - 6U

2008 - 2009

7U - 8U

2006 - 2007

9U - 10U

2004 – 2005

11U - 12U

2001 – 2003

13U - 15U

8) Does a girl have to move up to the next age division if her team moves up but she is still eligible for her previous age division?

No, she does not have to move up. If she is not ready to move up and is still eligible for the lower age division she may remain and assigned to a new team.

9) How is team placement determined?

All new players are entered into the draft. Returning players that are registered on time will be given priority to return to their spring 2017 team, or may request to enter the draft. To REQUEST to RETURN to the prior Spring team please note in the request section.  Teams will be formed at the end of registration in mid-August 2017. If registered late, girls are NOT guaranteed to return to their spring 2017 and will be placed where there is roster availability.

10) 8U Coach Pitch

CGSA no longer uses pitching machines in the 8U Division Games and will be coach pitch only. This change has been made to be consistent with other nearby associations and because of inconsistency and maintenance of the pitching machines.

11) 10U Modified Kid/Coach Pitch (10UC) and 10U Full Kid Pitch (10UK) Divisions

If a returning player, check with your coach to see if team is staying together and will play in 10UC or 10UK divisions described in detail below. You can choose to return to that team if on prior spring 2017 and they are playing in desired play division. If not playing in desired play division, you may enter the draft as described above.

10UC - This modified kid pitch/coach pitch division is the developmental league. The rules are modified in that each batter receives pitches from a player/pitcher until she puts the ball in play, strikes out or receives 4 balls. After receiving four balls, the coach/pitcher for the batting team enters and assumes the strike count.

10UK - While still a recreational league, the level of competitiveness in this division is considerably higher. It is recommended girls have played for at least one year and one to two seasons of the modified kid pitch/coach pitch league before participating in this division. There will be no coach pitching. Four balls thrown by pitcher will result in a walk.

12) Can I play with a friend?

New players & former players may request a team with a current player of same age. Two new players of same age may request to be on the same team. Subject to date of registration, roster availability, and meeting age requirements.

13) Can we form a new team with friends?

Yes, girls that have not played previously can ALL request to be placed on a team together. So get your friends from girl scouts, soccer or any other group together and form a new team. Please contact CGSA Registrar if any questions. Subject to approval by the CGSA Registrar.

14) How do I register to coach?

Select Fall 2017 Registration and follow the instructions. All CGSA coaches must pass a background check prior to being assigned to a team.

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